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27 October 2016 @ 06:44 pm
Hey everybody! Just come back for a little bit of challenge :D

follow it here @ acrossmyworld

credits: header by http://itsalma.tumblr.com , modified by me, chillie92
▲ : Rome
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29 May 2015 @ 11:39 am
Yes, that's true. I came back from the zombie world to post here again.
Many things happened to me during these years. The most significant one: I grew up. A lot.
I received a degree and now I'm waiting to begin the road to the second one.
I've accomplished so many things in my life, that it is really hard to remember everything.
But... I recovered my Photoshop and my Photoshop skills... I hope.
So, to honour my great comeback I decided to give you some of my new works.
Be patient and kind, I'm still working on it. :)

P.s.: Yes, I'm totally in Hook and CaptainSwan mood currently! :P

{01-16} | Candice Accola
{17-28} | Colin O'Donoghue
{29-55} | Once Upon a Time 4x23 (Emma/Hook - Regina)


- credit me, chillie92 if use;
- comments are love ♥;
- do not copy / hotlink / credit as yours;
- enjoy!!!

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20 June 2013 @ 05:36 pm

study, university, LIFE
See you soon
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01 September 2012 @ 05:39 pm
Hey, I'm backkkkk!
Many things have changed to me. I've started going to university, living in a new city for three seasons, studying every single day.
I met new friends, new love but "what goes around comes around". I'm growing up faster than I've ever expected, with bad and good experiences of life.
But I've continued to create something I want to show you :)
Be sincere but not so hard with comments, I have to recover my Photoshop ability, after such a long time :P
{01-30}  Leighton Meester
{31-60}  Nina Dobrev

-credit me, chillie92 if use;
-comments are love ♥
-do not copy/ hotlink/ credit as yours

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23 August 2010 @ 01:28 pm
I'm obsessively in Jack / Kate mood after the end of Lost (sob but wuuub), so here you are some icons about them. Also you can find something about Lady GaGa. It was a long time since the last time I made icons, so, be accomplished xD

{01-26} Lady GaGa
{27- 66} Lost 6x18 "The End" (Jack / Kate)


-Credit me, chillie92 if use
-Comments are love ♥
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-Enjoy! ♡

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28 March 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Finally, I come back!!!!
I was really busy in these 2 months, but I create some icons...
I'm still obsessed with Legend of the Seeker!!! I suffer from a dangerous illness called Richard and Kahlan =P
season 2 is really exticing and intensive <3
However, here you are my new icons =)

{01-12} Roger Federer (Australian Open 2010)
{13-42} Glee 1x13 "Sectionals" Quinn/Puck, mostly Will/Emma
{43-126} Legend of the Seeker 1x05 / 1x06


-Credit me, chillie92 if use
-Comments are love ♥
-Do not copy/ hotlink/ claim as yours
-Enjoy! ♡

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